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Cosmetic Laser

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The Word Laser Is an acronym. laser stand for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation in simple term, a laser is a single wavelength source of high energy light, which can be accurately focussed to transmit that light on to avery small area.

“Laser have revolutionized the cosmetic surgery& beauty industry, providing significant results with minimal invasiveness. Essentially, lasers work by penetreting pigment the skin or hair with a wave of lightor in toabsorb by waterin skin known as target chromophore.”

Diffrent laser with various wave lengths target differnt pigments. some lasers focus on pigment. also known as melanin. penetrating the melanin in the skin can minimize the appearance of dark sports. penetrating the melanin in the hair can destroy the hair follicle. some lasers focus on red pigment, penetrating blood vessels, capillaries or acne scares. other laser penetrate the skin to create micro sized wounds, stimulating the body's renewal response to generate new collagen. the collagen production can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Q. The Different Types Of Cosmetic Lasers ?

Ans. : Cosmetic lasers come in a wide variety, distinguished by their wave length and their mode of delivering the laser. Lasers can also be modified when combined with other elements, such as gases, precious stones and metals.
(a) Ablative V Non-ablative Lasers:
Ablative lasers focus on the outer layer of skin, creating micro wounds on the surface. Non-ablative lasers pass safely through the outer layer of skin, penetrating the tissue lying beneath. the recovery time following a non-ablative laser treatment typically take a few hours a few day's depending on the specific treatment and intensity of the produre. in comparison,Ablative lasers require a longer recovery period, anywhere between 3 to 10 days.
(b) What is a Fractional Lasers ?
Fractional lasers significantly reduce the recovery time by penetrating the skin in micro pinpoints, as opposed to the ablative and non-ablativelaser that sweep over the treatment area.

Q. What is the typical recovery time for a cosmetic laser treatment ?

Ans. : Recovery time can vary significantly between the different laser. Skin type and condition can also influence the rate of healing. Typically, laser hair removal has the shortest recovery time of a few hours. Laser treatment used to reduce the appearance of blood vessels may leave a redmark that usually takes a few hours to disappear. Laser treatments that treat brown spot may take a week to fully heal.

Q. Does Cosmetic laser treatment hurt ?

Ans. : Beacause laser cosmetic treatments are minimally invasive, the procedures are usually pain free. If a cosmetic treatment requires deep penetration with an ablative laser, your laser technician may apply a topical numbering cream to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

Q. How much do laser cosmetic procedures cost?

Ans. : The price of different laser treatments are spread out an a wide spectrum. Laser skin treatments costs depend on the type of laser and condition being treated, a cosmetic laser procedure.

Q. : Which type of laser treatments is most ideal for me?

Ans. : Not only is the type of laser determined by yor skin type, skin condition, and specific treatment, the application of the laser, such as the speed of the laser,is customized to meet your needs as well. The best way to determine the best laser for your skin to schedule a consultation with a skin care expert from VEDANT Cosnetic Surgery & Laser Centre.

Types Of Laser

Fractional Co,Laser

Newest Version of RF excited Fractional Co,Laser used for laser skin resurfacing for wrinkles, scars, warts & other condition. This Technique of laser uses very short pulsed light energy (known as ultra pulse) or continuos light beam that are delivered in a scanning pattern to remove thin layer of skin with minimal heat damage. Recovery takes a day's to week.

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing:.
  • Acne Scar.
  • Post Burn Scare.
  • Accidental Scar.
  • Surgical Scar.
  • HTS & Keloid.
  • Wrinkles Removal.
  • LASER Photo rejuvenation.
  • LASER Vaginal Tightening.
  • LASER Warts & Moles.

QSwitch ND: YAG Laser

Most Pigmentary skin lesions, whether epidermal or dermal, acquired or congenital can be treated with Q-Switched Laser

  • LASER Pigmented Leisons.
  • Naevus Of ata
  • Lentigens
  • Accidental Scar.
  • Moles,Freckies
  • Melasma
  • Cafe-au-laitSpot
  • LASER tattoo Removal.
  • LASER Skin Toning.
  • LASER Carbon Peel or Hollywood peel.
  • LASER Hair Bleach.


The Gold Standard 808 Diode LASER using a technique of staming & in motion mude making treatment pain free & more effective. Diode LASER emits a powerful beam of light absorbed by pigment in hair follicle to damage it.

  • Diode Laser Used For.
  • Unwanted hair
  • Chin,Cheek,SB,Upper Lip
  • Under Arm,Bikini Areo
  • Legs&Arms
  • HTS & Keloid.
  • Chest&Back

Micro Needling RF

Micro needling is a minimal invasive treatment that has been used to rejuvenate the skin. Device with fine needle or pin create tiny punctas in the top layer of skin which triggers to create new collagen & elastin. Result can include improved texture & firmness as well as skin resurfacing.
RF Micro needling deliver RF energy deep in to dermis through small needles courses skin tightening & scar reduction through stimulation of collogen & elastin Production.

  • LASER Skin Tightening:.
  • acne Scar
  • Open Pores
  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Acute Acne
  • Stretch Mark
  • Excessive Sebum